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Ideathon Episode - 4 Ignaiting Grassroot Innovators

🌟 Igniting innovation at the grassroots level! 🌱 ACIC KL Startups Foundation proudly hosted "Ideathon’23 - Episode-4: Igniting Grassroots Innovators" on November 27, 2023. 🚀
At the heart of this event were the brilliant minds of grassroots innovators, showcasing transformative ideas poised to make a real impact. 💡 A heartfelt thank you to Mr. Srinivasarao Patturu and Dr. M.K Kaushik , who graciously served as jury panel members, dedicating their invaluable time to evaluate and nurture these groundbreaking concepts. Their expertise and commitment added a unique dimension to the event, providing participants with valuable insights to refine and amplify their ideas.
🌐✨ As we celebrate innovation at its roots, Ideathon’23 marks a significant step towards empowering and recognizing the visionaries who are driving positive change.

Ideathon Episode - 4 Ignaiting Grassroot Innovators
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