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About Us

Atal Community Innovation Centre - KL Startups Foundation is supported by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog to provide requisite infrastructure for innovation in the unserved / underserved regions having potential to build innovation ecosystems in in the region as well as various parts of the country thereby expanding globally. Thus, nurturing entrepreneurs from the community to help them address various societal challenges which uplifts theirs as well as their communities bargaining capacity.

The objective of the ACIC – KL Startups Foundation is to reach the grassroot innovators at the bottom of the pyramid and give them equitable opportunities, providing a necessary infrastructure and skilling by creating a space for programs like Pre-Incubation, Incubation and Acceleration. With the state-of-art labs, mentorship, funding opportunities, co-working space and Industry – Academia Collaborations ACIC – KL Startups Foundation is here to provide necessary support and aid the budding innovators to scale up and become the Unicorns from Andhra Pradesh.



To become a Vibrant and sustainable Hub of Startup Ecosystem for Designing innovative solutions for societal challenges of regional communities.


  • The Mission of the ACIC KL Startups Foundation is to offer unique and incentivized solutions, which will encourage students, researchers, or any individual/group of individuals to ideate and design novel innovative solutions for the communities in and around.

  • Foster innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in the people of regions aspiring to build and leverage an innovation ecosystem for the benefit of the local communities.

  • Offer infrastructure facilities and capacity building opportunities to potential innovators helping them become change-agents in the society.

  • Help startups to achieve sustainable and scalable growth over varied geographies and sectors.

Meet The Team

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