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Interactive Outreach at Chilakaluripeta Village

ACIC - KL Startups Foundation went on an Interactive Outreach at Chilakaluripeta Village. In this outreach event, the team of ACIC interacted with a grassroots innovator Mr. Pathan Saidha, who had created several innovative machines using the limited resources available to him.
The grassroots innovator had developed a small but efficient "Low Altitude Windmill" that stood around 6 feet tall, specifically designed to aid in the irrigation of agricultural lands. This innovation is significant as it addresses a common challenge faced by farmers in many regions, particularly where access to conventional irrigation methods might be limited or costly.
He was also in the process of designing and developing an electricity generator with windmill and a "Power Weeder Machine", indicating his commitment to further innovation and diversification of his creations.
Furthermore, the ACIC team highlighted the potential opportunities and market demand for the products he was creating. Also, ACIC team introduced the grassroots innovator to the concept of an incubation centre and the associated incubation facilities.

Interactive Outreach at Chilakaluripeta Village
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