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Outreach program at Kolakaluru village - "Art of Pottery"

ACIC KL Startups Foundation organized an outreach program at Kolakaluru village on the "Art of Pottery". This event provided an opportunity for ACIC to engage with the local community and delve into the traditional craft of pottery.
As part of the outreach, the ACIC team had the privilege of interacting with Mr. Edukondalu, a local potter . The potter shared valuable insights and practical knowledge about the process of crafting pottery and different artifacts using soil as the raw material. This interaction involved a demonstration of pottery-making techniques and the potter's expertise in the field.
Furthermore, ACIC highlighted the existence of an incubation centre and the resources it provides, offering a potential avenue for individuals interested in entrepreneurship or further developing their pottery skills.

Outreach program at Kolakaluru village - "Art of Pottery"
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