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Outreach program at Vijayawada

🚀 ACIC KL Startups Foundation organized an insightful outreach program at Vijayawada with the startup Mr. Y. Masthan Rao, Founder of Dentostar. 🦷✨
The ACIC team had the privilege of visiting Mr. Masthan Rao's workshop, delving into the heart of dental innovation. The workshop is buzzing with creativity and groundbreaking ideas!
🪥Revolutionizing Dental Care: Mr. Masthan Rao is on a mission to transform dental hygiene with his startup, focusing on Dental Products, particularly a cutting-edge Dental Flosser for effective teeth and mouth cleaning. He shared intricate details about the Flosser's workings and also provided insights into other groundbreaking medical equipment in the pipeline.
ACIC's team shed light on the incredible resources and opportunities available at our incubation center, providing the perfect nurturing ground for startups like Dentostar.

Outreach program at Vijayawada
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