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Outreach Program at Yamarru Village

The ACIC KL Startups Foundation recently organized an outreach event in Yamarru village, where we engaged with a remarkable grassroots innovator working on “Portable Paddy Milling Machine”. He had designed and developed a " Portable Paddy Milling Machine " using the resources available to him and had even marketing these innovative machines in local level.
During the interaction, the ACIC team get to know about the innovator's journey, which was characterized by hard work, dedication, and significant time investment in developing the Portable Rice Mill.
The ACIC team appreciated and shed light on the broader opportunities and market demand for the products the innovator had been crafting. We had explained how such a device could greatly benefit farmers and rice millers, potentially increasing their efficiency and income.
Additionally, the ACIC team introduced the grassroots innovator to the concept of an incubation centre and the incubation facilities they offer.

Outreach Program at Yamarru Village
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