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Two-Day Capacity Building Program on Mandala Art

ACIC KL Startups Foundation organised a "Two-Day Capacity Building Program on Mandala Art," hosted at the Women Technology Park, KL University. This initiative aimed to provide students with an enriching experience in the intricate world of Mandala Art, a form of geometric and symbolic art known for its spiritual and therapeutic aspects.
The event featured skilled artisans from Multe ARTS, namely Ms. M. Radha Gayatri and Ms. V. Mamatha, who took on the role of instructors for the program. These experienced artists brought their expertise to the forefront, guiding and training the students through the various techniques and nuances of Mandala Art.
By the end of the two-day program, participants would have acquired new skills, appreciation for Mandala Art, and a deeper connection with the creative process.

Two-Day Capacity Building Program on Mandala Art
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