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Workshop on web and mobile applications

🌐ACIC KL Startups Foundation organized a 2-day workshop on Web & Mobile Applications, creating a dynamic space for innovation and learning. 📱💻
The event featured Mr. Sreenivas Kumar - Supervisor, Mr. Aravind - Full Stack Trainer and Mr. Sravan - Flutter Trainer, from SyngyMAXIM Solutions Pvt Limited, who shared invaluable insights and expertise on the ever-evolving world of Web & Mobile Applications. 🌐
The workshop was not just a gathering; it was a vibrant exchange of ideas and knowledge! Students brought their enthusiasm and curiosity, actively engaging in discussions and hands-on activities.
Participants delved into the intricacies of web and mobile app development, gaining practical skills and industry-relevant knowledge. The event was a stepping stone toward a future filled with endless possibilities in the digital realm.

Workshop on web and mobile applications
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